Custom Wine Tasting

Wine Banquets & Dinners

Event Set-Up:

  • After speaking with you, we simply and easily tailor the perfect package of wines and carefully selected paired foods for your guests, event and budget.
  • We will discuss pairing different types of wine and foods during our consultation, as well as many unique ideas and X factors that will make your occasion one to remember.


All pricing are set to stay within your budget and custom fit to what you would like to achieve for the event. The most influential determining factor for prices generally fall on the tier of wine and food you would like to enjoy and the number of people throughout the evening.


  • As your guests arrive, we welcome them with an appetizer and a glass of sparkling wine or an aperitif to start the night off right!
  • Soon after, while your guests are becoming acclimated with the structure of the night, we help guide them through the basics of tasting. Our experts will tell your guests  a little back-story on the particular wine they are tasting that only our professionals can do (many of our staff on hand have been to vineyards from all around the world and can offer stories and insight that no one else can)!
  • We hit all the essential topics or we allow your guests to mingle and taste wines at their own pace.
  • Regardless of the type of event you select, we strive to make the evening fun, unique and memorable.

What Sets Our Events Apart

In today’s day and age, there is no busier time for the working professional. However, life doesn’t stop just because times are hectic. We understand that you want to entertain family and friends and create a social environment that is both stylish and trendy. That is where our team of trendsetting wine experts step in.  We work to build a trendy wine tasting atmosphere that eliminates the entire pretense. Our events are enjoyable for everyone, from the novice wine taster, to the expert in training.  There are no limits or criteria for who can have fun and benefit from a custom tasting. There are no wrong answers here, just a fun atmosphere and a good time that we insist is had by all.

Custom Wine Tasting Past Events

  • Wedding Receptions and Events
  • Bridal Showers
  • Private product launches and introductions
  • Fundraisers
  • Birthday Parties
  • Holiday Parties
  • Anniversary Parties
  • Couples Get-Together
  • Ladies Night Out and Ladies Night In!

What to Expect in Your Event

  • Wine expert to lead the evening
  • Complimentary glass of sparkling wine or aperitif
  • Hand selected wines
  • Carefully paired gourmet foods to pair perfectly with the wines for the event
  • Top of the line stemware and utensils
  • Guides and tasting information for everything that is being tasted.
  • CWT’s guarantee behind all wines and the event