Custom Wine Tasting

Package Options

Private Event Package Options

Although we custom tailor all aspects of your event, some people are more comfortable with some standard packages, here are some examples of what we have made available in the past:

“Classic hidden gem pairing”

The everyday classic pairing of wine, cheeses and/or the perfect foods to be presented with wines from around the world is the standard package we offer that gets you the ABC’s and 123’s of tasting, pairing wine and food.  This is where we shine! Our experts find the gems that only we are able to do, and you enjoy yourself…Simple!


Top rated 90+ point package is an evening showcase and tasting of vertical tasting (wines of the same type from different vintages), a horizontal tasting (wines from the same vintage but from different wineries), or for more experienced buffs, tease your friends with a blind tasting. Whatever we shape together for the event, you can be sure we have gone through an extensive selection of top rated & best ranked wines.


Spoil yourself

High end, highly acclaimed prized possession night.  There are people who have seen the rest and insist on the best, and they insist on staying privy to the latest in luxury wines, you my friend, are in the right place. We invite you to connect with our experts and form a bond and relationship through the tasting to stay ahead of the curve. Some call it their own little secret, but we’d prefer that you run out and tell your friends about us. You savor the finer things life has to offer and we’re sure you’ve asked yourself ‘is this worth it’? Here, under no uncertain terms, you find out. Whatever your pleasure, Custom Wine Tasting is sure to tailor a wine experience paired with cheeses and food that are the perfect match that your guests won’t soon forget.

Watch out for the Trendsetter

Only our staff can capture what is hot and trendy at the moment and give you exactly what everyone is clamoring for. We select trendy wines that are taking the country by storm and make you the envy of your party.

Bubbles that make you feel good

Rarely does anything express “lets celebrate” quite like an exquisite bottle of bubbly! Whether you are eyeing rare Champagne or the everyday sparkling wine, we assist in ringing in the New Year, toasting a new marriage, honoring an anniversary, or celebrating life’s events and special moments! We do bubbles and we do them right! There are plenty of options and just as many price points in the Champagne and sparkling wine world. Let us get you started with some solid sparkling selections running the array from the under $9 category to the over $100 price point.

The Island Experience

When you speak of Rum, you speak of savory flavor from which the spirit originates.  From Barbados, Jamaica, Cuba, Latin America, Guyana to RHUM AGRICOLE, we believe that you have to search to find the best rums in the world. Every island has its own flair, every country has its own style, and every distillery has its own flavor.  Rum started life as a by-product of sugar. It’s hardly surprising that a spirit made from sugar cane is sweet, but rum is more than just a sugary drink. Its aromas suggest tropical fruits and banana, there’s spice and vanilla from the oak, and in pot still and extra-aged examples, a rich, dark sultry power that will rock your event!

Mixology 101

Excite the mixologist in you and learn how to create your own cocktail concoctions with local celebrity Mixologists and bartenders from the DC and NYC hot spots.  We can teach you the basics, or jump to the always fun flipping and juggling flare bartending tricks.  Whether it’s an innovative cocktail creation like a juniper-infused libation, a peach puree and fresh lemon infused vodka served up with a burnt orange peel or a simple Old Fashioned, you will learn how to put a new twist on mouth-watering concoctions.

Shaken, not stirred

Indulge your senses and impress your guests with an elegant and luscious pairing of classic martinis or the new wave of Chocolate Martinis with Chocolate Desserts (perfect with our Cupcake extravaganza). This has been the perfect event for a ladies night or for a romantic couples evenings on all types of occasions on a consistent basis for a very simple reason… it’s delicious!

Single Malt or Blended Scotch Sipper

Enjoy a stress-free and elegant evening sipping on some of the world’s finest blended or single malt scotches. These can be paired with gourmet small bites or fine cigars. Our experts have experience in hand selecting the finest scotches and finest hand rolled cigars; yes we have an expert for everything.
From blended everyday 12-year scotches, to the peaty mammoths in our cellars, we take you on a tasting tour of Scotland, sampling the finest single malts from the Highlands to the Lowlands.

One Tequila–Two Tequila

Tequila’s loud, fun-loving, party image is a great start. However, when the party’s over, tequila gets blamed for the worst hangovers, not the case! The category continually proves the myths to be just that, myths. The message is finally getting through: tequila deserves to be sipped and savored, with a host of brands now enthralling connoisseurs as readily as enticing newcomers. Blanco, Reposado, Anejo, Mezcal or Soto, allow us to open your eyes and taste buds to the world of tequila! You will learn about complexities and intricacies of making high-quality tequila. Join us as we teach you about the history of remarkable tequilas from around the world. Our standard package includes pairing three marques of hand-selected tequilas with a variety of mouth-watering ceviche or appetizers to compliment the flavors. We will create a specialty cocktail with each marque of the selected tequilas that you and your guests will absolutely adore!