Custom Wine Tasting


The fresh new way to enjoy wine!

Custom Wine Tasting (CWT) is just what it sounds like-Customized, private, in-home and corporate wine tastings, with an innovative and pompous-free environment.

Here at CWT, we are adamant that there are no wrong opinions when it comes to wine, only passion and fun! Whether you are having a small party or a massive corporate outing; we are more than ready to customize whatever you need when it comes to wine and spirits.  We have certified sommeliers on staff who enjoy teaching and pouring great wines and spirits.  We love wine and everything to do with wine, but it doesn’t stop there.

We are designed to offer our clients unique wine, spirits, and a food tasting experience focused on innovation and education. Our events are created to conveniently blend together the perfect elements of luxury, gourmet tastings, and education. We conduct high-end events in your home guided by a professional beverage expert that will leave your guests with a tasting experience they will always remember.

How we provide the best for you.

We offer events to fit your needs and customize tastings to ensure the best possible experience for your guests. Whether you would like to host a scotch and cigar party, a high-end tequila seminar with food pairings, a four course wine dinner, chef cooking demonstrations with cocktail pairings, or feature mixology created cocktails as the highlight of your event, we have everything to fit your needs.

Our experts in Bourbon, Scotch, Tequila, Cognac, Wine and mixed drinks have in depth on-hand personal experience from wineries and distilleries all over the world that allows them to bring an experience and knowledge that are almost impossible to find!



Traditional and Non-Traditional Events. 

Custom Wine Tasting recipients and their guests are treated to an entertaining and knowledge expanding experience.

Everything is customized to what you are trying to accomplish. We are by no means cookie cutters.  The reason we take this approach is to ensure we meet and exceed your expectations in every facet of your event and we understand that no two events will ever be the same.

Package Varieties

Some examples of tastings we have conducted in the past include but are not limited to:

  • Explore all Varietal Wines
  • Classic Wines and Cheeses
  • Wine Basics, taking you from 101 to done!
  • Sipping Wines
  • Summer Wines, Grill and Chill